Saturday, January 12, 2008

Growing Green Bell Peppers Indoors

Here's a picture of my Bell Pepper plant which I brought in from the garden last October. It is under a grow light (moved for this picture) about 4" above top of plant. I water once a week with Miracle Grow dissolved in a quart of water. The dead looking stick in the right side of picture is a dead stick. It was used to support the plant when it was small. The plant has grown about 6" since bringing indoors in October.

The plant actually has blossoms but they have been falling off (no fruit yet)
My next project is to determine why the blossoms are falling off.
Even if I do not get any peppers, at least I will have a year old, healthy pepper plant to sit out in the garden in the spring.

Edit - 5/27/08
A very good comment was added to this post today. Excellent info on growing and selecting the right pepper to grow. Click on "comment" link below.


  1. Needs Magnesium to set fruit. See the following link:

  2. needs sulphur..stick one...unused match near the edge of the container inside. To much will harm the plant.

  3. I started mine out in the house in water and transferred them to pot after 3 weeks, they just got about 1 inch tall but then they die :(